In collaboration with CoinOS, we overcame integration challenges and realized their decentralization goals on Bare Metal infrastructure, ensuring the world's largest Bitcoin and Lightning wallet operates seamlessly within the philosophy of Bitcoin.




Architecture Analysis
Deployment Documentation
Integration Solutions
Decentralization on Bare Metal

The Problem

Challenges in integrating and deploying their innovative wallet solution
CoinOS, the world's largest Bitcoin and Lightning wallet, grappled with intricate hurdles in seamlessly integrating and deploying their revolutionary wallet solution. The complexities were further compounded as the team encountered setbacks in actualizing their decentralization objectives within the challenging landscape of Bare Metal infrastructure. These impediments hindered the fluid execution of their operations and called for a strategic intervention to propel CoinOS toward its goals.

The Solution

Developed deployment solutions to address integration challenges systematically
Embarking on a collaborative journey with CoinOS, our team at Autonomous delved deep into understanding their intricate architecture. We meticulously crafted deployment solutions, documenting step-by-step processes to systematically address the integration challenges that hindered CoinOS. Our focus extended beyond mere problem-solving; we worked diligently to formulate and execute a strategy that harmonized with CoinOS's vision, ensuring a smooth realization of their decentralization goals within the Bare Metal infrastructure. This strategic partnership paved the way for a more agile, efficient, and decentralized future for CoinOS.

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