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Autonomous recognizes the power of freelancing in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Dive into our pool of specialized talent with our Freelancing solution. These are tailored to offer businesses the flexibility and specialized skills they require on-demand. While your projects remain self-driven, we stand by as your dedicated tech consultants, offering expertise across various technologies. Whether you’re looking for a niche expert or seeking to augment your existing team for a short-term project, our freelancing services bridge the gap, ensuring quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Design & Deliver

In the bustling digital marketplace, it’s imperative to stand out. With our Design and Deliver solution, Autonomous streamlines your project’s journey. We help pinpoint the necessary steps towards your goals, staff the project with skilled professionals, and ensure delivery within the promised scope. We not only craft aesthetically captivating designs but also ensure they are functional, user-centric, and optimized for your business goals. From the initial concept to the final delivery, we guarantee a seamless transition and execution. It’s a comprehensive, managed service tailored to your project’s success.

Find My Dev

The hunt for the perfect developer just became effortless with our Find My Dev service. Recognizing the paramount importance of having the right talent, Autonomous offers a curated selection process to match businesses with the ideal developer that fits their specific needs. Whether it’s web development, application design, or a specialized tech consultancy requirement, We take on the responsibility of locating, compensating, and guiding expert-vetted talent, ensuring you enjoy a seamless experience at a straightforward monthly cost. Get the expertise without the overheads.

Managed Outstaffing

In an era where efficient scaling and flexibility are crucial, Managed Outstaffing by Autonomous provides the perfect solution. Instead of the traditional hiring process, we offer businesses the ability to quickly scale their teams with top-tier talent, managed by us. This not only ensures that you have the right skill sets on board but also that the entire process, from onboarding to project completion, is handled smoothly. With Managed Outstaffing, we manage the technical intricacies ensuring the deliverables align perfectly with your needs while you focus on your core business only bearing the cost of the developer plus our value-added rate.

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When innovation and dedication are combined with technology, great things are accomplished. That is the cornerstone of Autonomous. A Vancouver-based, IT services company that rose from countless hours of planning and hard work.