Autonomous Tech believes that technology and business can co-exist and create insane value. With a team of experienced business-focused technologists, we have delivered hundreds of projects for our happy customers.

We understand your needs, and design solutions that solve your problems in an innovative, and cost-efficient manner. Want to know more? See our services

Our Story

Autonomous Tech is the effect of years of development, countless hours of hard work and an army of people involved on all sides of the process. Ultimately: 10,000+ hours of unique web projects completed, many of them widely recognized. Websites, web apps, stores, interfaces and environments - you name it.

Responsive web design is a growing idea, we will keep coding and grow together with the web. We're web devs, after all.

Meet the team

We are a team of web lovers who have worked for happy clients from all over the world. Every project you hire us for will be carried out with care, always by a highly qualified developer.

Join us

We are always looking for talented and open-minded people who want to learn. Have you already met our Team? Do you want to be a part of it? Feel free to get in touch at connect@autonomoustech.ca


What we do

Send us your design and leave the rest to us. We'll handle that!

Website Design

Web Design

We'll turn your designs into high-quality, search-engine optimized, and responsive websites. Our team will review your designs and suggest the best way to make your ideas into reality


$250 - first page (home page)
$175 - each next page

Sample project:

1-page, fluid responsive, Retina screens, image slider, multi-level menu, custom forms, accordion, tabs
$755, Turnaround: 4 working days

Web Applications

Web Applications

The back-end of a website/webapp can get extremely complex. That is why, with us, you'll have the assurity that all your back-end development is in the right hands. Scripting languages, web frameworks, databases, APIs and what-not. We'll make sure that it runs smoothly, exactly the way you want it to.


$150 per hour

Sample project:

Python / Django / Flask, LAMP stack, independant app/DB server, DB optimization, backups, autoscaling, load balancing, recovery, continuous monitoring
$30,000 - $75,000, Turnaround: 200-500 hours

WordPress Development

WordPress Development

With two dedicated teams of WordPress professionals we can meet all your requirements, including those super-custom. If it's WordPress - we can do it!


$350 - first page (home page)
$280 - each next page

Sample project:

6-page, fluid responsive layout, image slider, multi-level menu
$2545, Turnaround: 11 working days

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

We’ll take care of everything starting from custom theme development to performance optimization and bug fixing. With fully tested frameworks, our team makes sure your e-commerce looks and performs great.


$75 per hour

Sample project:

Simple WooCommerce theme development (less than 10 pages) and basic WooCommerce integration (only the default features)
$3,750 - $11,250, Turnaround: 50-150 hours

Daily and hourly rate web development

For all those in need of a more flexible approach, we offer a wide range of development based on hourly and daily rates. You can hire a dedicated team of our most experienced developers and project managers who will customize the workflow and keep you updated on a daily basis. It's the most effective solution for demanding and long-term projects.

What we use

Python is our go-to language for everything. It's one of the most versatile languages out there and we just happen to be in love with it! If you'd like to learn more about our process, click here

Work process

How we work

Do you want to know how we work? It may seem complicated but actually it’s very easy. Find the description of our process below.

Send us an email at connect@autonomoustech.ca or use the "Contact" form to describe your project. Send us your brief, upload the files and don't forget to add custom fonts, if necessary. The more details, the better. Our Customer Experience Team team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the project.

Show sample brief

Once you submit your request, one of our Team members will get in touch with you. Check your inbox for the confirmation email. Within 2-3 business days you’ll receive another message from our Team.

We will review your brief and the files to estimate the cost and the turnaround. If we have any questions, we'll contact you.

Show sample brief

If you decide to work with us, we assign a developer to your project and roll up our sleeves.

Yay! Your project is in progress. We carefully code your designs to make them pixel-perfect. If you selected an hourly package, you'll receive daily recaps from our Team. In the case of regular projects it's possible to receive work-in-progress previews, but it has to be arranged beforehand (preferably at the quoting stage) and it can affect the final price and/or the turnaround. Rest assured that your project and all data are safe with us. Everything is password-protected on our server and each project has its own domain.

All completed projects go to our Quality Manager, who checks if they are compatible with your brief and the design. He also makes sure that everything works on all devices that we support. When the project is ready to be handed over, you will receive the filepack or have it installed on your server by our developer, depending on your order.

Our Customer Experience and Post-Development Support are an essential part of what we do. You can select 30 or 90 days of support. During this period you can contact us if you want to report an issue - we'll take care of it.