Success Stories

Your digital partner, helping you build and manage custom software solutions that deliver results. We take care of the tech, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Michele Martin

CEO, Maka Health

They’ve demonstrated a genuine interest in doing a good job and delivering a successful project; that’s why we’ve had great results. Autonomous Technologies’ flexibility and ability to collaborate with us in a pragmatic and thoughtful way made us decide that we wanted to keep working with them for a long time.

Armin Petschner-Multari

CEO, The Republic

Swift and professional communication, with concrete details addressing our business needs.” We always received excellent service, the deliverables were on time and within the allocated budgets. In our experience, the team at Autonomous always goes above and beyond to provide excellent service and product quality.

Mark Zheng

President, Sene

Autonomous Tech guided me every step along the way to ensure I knew the tradeoffs for every decision. They worked closely with me and I felt like they always had the business’ best interest in mind when it came to development hours, infrastructure costs, and execution of our business requirements.

Julius Michael

Founder. QuirkiFrogs

They do both website creation and marketing. They have a diverse team so more engaging and relatable. They produce high-quality content.

Arian Aghashahi

Head of Strategy, The Republic

The measurable outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress and success include the exceptional work delivered by our designer, Musfirah. Her contributions were instrumental in the successful completion of the project, characterized by the high-quality and precision of the final document. Musfirah’s work not only met but exceeded project expectations, effectively aiding in the clear communication of our objectives and enhancing our proposal’s appeal to potential funders. Her dedication and skill were pivotal in the project’s overall success.

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