Leagent is a Vancouver-based SaaS solution for Realtors. They provide realtors with a singular platform that serves as their website, CRM, and brand management solution.




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The Problem

Hindrance to the user experience
Leagent, a leading SaaS solution for Realtors in the vibrant real estate landscape of Vancouver, faced formidable challenges regarding the efficiency of their listing platform. The extensive dependency on an external API, intricately entwined with a SQL database, led to a considerable setback in search responsiveness, resulting in sluggish loading times surpassing an unfavorable threshold of 2 seconds. This not only posed a hindrance to the user experience but also inflicted additional financial burdens, prompting Leagent to actively seek a comprehensive solution for optimizing the performance of their crucial platform. The urgency to address these challenges stemmed from a dual concern – enhancing user satisfaction and mitigating unnecessary operational costs.

The Solution

Executed a comprehensive solution to enhance their listing platform
In collaboration with Leagent, we executed a comprehensive solution to enhance their listing platform. A robust data pipeline was implemented to directly extract information from relevant real-estate boards using the REST standard. The acquired data underwent transformation based on business rules, was stored in a persistent database, and efficiently indexed into ElasticSearch. This optimization resulted in sub-second query response times, reducing the loading speed from 2 seconds to a remarkable 200 ms.

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