Maars Market

Mars Market faced challenges with core web vitals and search visibility. Through an extensive SEO audit, we implemented technical and on-page SEO, conducted thorough keyword research, and optimized the website for enhanced performance and user experience using WordPress and PHP.




Ecommerce Platform
Technical SEO
On Page SEO
Keyword Research
Enhanced User Experience

The Problem

Core web vitals and user experience fell short of expectations
Mars' core web vitals are not at the desired level. The search engine ranking for Mars lacks adequate visibility. Mars is not ranking for the appropriate keywords. The user experience on the Mars website needs enhancement.

The Solution

Improved the website for a seamless shopping experience
We ran an SEO audit after which technical SEO and on page SEO was implemented for them.An extensive keyword research was carried out for all products.We fixed all the technical issues like, reducing load time, added meta titles and descriptions, mobile optimization etc. We enhanced the experience of the website ensuring that the online shopping experience becomes seamless. The total number of clicks, impressions and average position all went up. The core web vitals and no impressions improved as well.

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