Maka Health

Maka-Health approached us with an idea, and we transformed their vision into reality. Serving as Maka's complete development and engineering team, we navigated the journey from concept to a fully operational digital health platform.




Digital Health Platform
Full-Stack Development
AI Integration
Secure Data Storage Implementation
Practitioner Content Management
Appointment Booking System

The Problem

Translating the concept into a functional platform challenge
Maka-Health faced the challenge of translating their concept into a functional platform. They needed a comprehensive solution that could incorporate AI-driven recommendations, secure health data storage, practitioner content management, and appointment booking capabilities.

The Solution

Concept-to-Platform Translation Challenge
Initiating a collaborative partnership, we took Maka-Health from a conceptual document to a fully operational platform. Our team provided end-to-end development and engineering solutions, integrating internal AI for personalized recommendations, ensuring secure health data storage, managing practitioner content, and facilitating user-practitioner interactions through appointment bookings.

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