We teamed up with QuirkiFrogs on Polygon, crafting a bespoke website, executing a full-scale marketing plan, and developing the smart contract. The result: a successful launch of the QuirkiFrogs NFT collection, evoking the nostalgia of good high school days.




NFT marketplace
Website Development
Marketing Strategy
Content Creation
Social Media Management
Influencer Engagement

The Problem

Requiring a dedicated team for user-friendly website construction
QuirkiFrogs embarked on the exciting venture of launching their NFT collection on the Polygon network, presenting the challenge of orchestrating a seamless debut. The need for a dedicated team to construct a user-friendly website, devise an effective marketing plan, and develop a smart contract for the launch became apparent.

The Solution

Creating a website and crafting a community-focused marketing plan
Collaborating with QuirkiFrogs, we built their website from scratch in partnership with their in-house designer. A comprehensive marketing plan and content strategy were devised to cultivate the QuirkiFrogs community. Our team managed their Twitter channel, engaged with influencers to boost brand awareness, and is currently in the process of developing the smart contract for the collection's launch.

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