Setsail, a Vancouver-based marketing agency, collaborated with Autonomous to address challenges faced by an online insurance provider. Our comprehensive solution involved rectifying issues, proactively implementing new integrations, and deploying versatile applications.


PyWinAuto (Windows UI automation)


Web Scraping
Data Cleaning

The Problem

Challenges Faced by Setsail's Insurance Client with Outsourced Developer
One of Setsail’s clients is an online Insurance provider. They engaged with an outsourced developer to create integrations with banks to provide insurance rates. Unfortunately, the relationship went sour and the developer did not complete the work.

The Solution

Elevating Functionality and Collaboration
Autonomous partnered with SetSail, undertaking a comprehensive review of the previous work. Our commitment extended beyond rectifying existing issues; we proactively implemented new integrations to enhance functionality. The integrations executed seamlessly, efficiently retrieving and unblocking the client to proceed with their tasks. Additionally, we formed a dedicated team of freelancers for the project, augmenting SetSail's capabilities and ensuring a collaborative and successful outcome. The applications we deployed demonstrated versatility, scraping data from both web-based and Windows applications, which was then cleansed and stored in a MySQL database for seamless querying within the application.

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