At autonomous we helped VDR in redesigning the website as well as providing the logo for their website


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The Problem

Missing Brand Guidelines, Logo, and Content Management
The VdR is an association that provides information on tobacco use, and they were seeking an agency to revamp their website with a modern user interface. They lacked proper brand guidelines and required a logo for their website, in addition to high-quality video in the hero section that plays automatically upon website loading. Furthermore, they aimed to undertake comprehensive SEO optimization for their content, redesign their blog page, and manage their content effectively.

The Solution

Engaging UI and Efficient Content Management
To address the VdR's needs for a modern website with a compelling user interface and effective content management, we propose the following solutions:
1. Website Redesign: We collaborated with the VdR team to create a fresh, modern website with user-friendliness, visual appeal, and functionality.
2. Brand Guidelines and Logo Design: Our design experts developed brand guidelines and create a distinctive logo that reflects the VdR's identity.
3. High-Quality Video Integration: We seamlessly incorporated high-quality video in the hero section, ensuring it plays automatically upon website loading to engage element will capture visitors' attention and convey essential information effectively.
4. Comprehensive SEO Optimization: Our SEO specialist will optimized the website's content, enhancing its visibility on search engines. To attract more visitors and ensure that the VdR's valuable information reaches a broader audience.
5. Blog Page Redesign: We redesigned the blog page to be more user-friendly and visually appealing with regular content updation.

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